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Nov 23/207 cm211:30 PM6:30 PM
Nov 24/20Clean Up19 AM3 PM
Nov 25/2010 cm210 AM8 PM
Nov 26/20Clean Up19 AM4 PM
Jan 2/2010 cm25 AM5:30 PM
Jan 3/20Clean Up19 AM1 PM
Jan 4/20Clean Up112 PM4 PM
Jan 16/2121 cm25 AM8:30 PM
Jan 17/21Clean Up28 AM4 PM
Jan 18/21Clean Up18 AM3 PM
Jan 21/215 cm16 PM10 PM
Jan 22/21Clean Up19 AM3 PM
Jan 27/218 cm23 AM4 PM
Feb 3/215.5 cm (Inc Feb 2)17 AM12 PM
Feb 5/215 cm111:30 AM5 PM
Feb 16/2122 cm (Inc Feb 15)33 AM8 PM
Feb 17/21Clean Up16 AM3 PM
Feb 19/216 cm17 PM1:30 AM
Feb 23/217 cm (Inc Feb 22)13 AM7 AM
Feb 23/21Clean Up110 AM5 PM
Feb 25/2113 cm22 AM3 PM
Feb 26/21Clean Up19 AM1 PM
Feb 27/218 cm21 PM7 PM
Feb 28/21Clean Up19 AM2 PM
Mar 3/218 cm (Inc Mar 2)22 AM12 PM