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Nov 12/1912.8 cm (Inc Nov 11th)21:00 AM6:30 PM
Nov 13/19Clean Up17 AM2 PM
Nov 15/194 cm (Inc Nov 14th)15 AM1 PM
Dec 15/197 cm (Inc Dec 14th)22:30 AM4 PM
Dec 17/19Clean Up110 AM5:30 PM
Dec 31/1910 cm33 AM6 PM
Jan 1/20Clean Up17 AM2 PM
Jan 2/20Clean Up110 AM3:30 PM
Jan 6/205 cm112 PM7:30 PM
Jan 7/20Clean Up18 AM1 PM
Jan 12/205 cm (Ice Pellets)29 AM6 PM
Jan 13/20Clean Up19 AM1 PM
Jan 16/208 cms27 AM6 PM
Jan 17/20Clean Up19 AM1:45 PM
Jan 19/2021 cm (Inc Jan 18)31 AM6 PM
Jan 20/20Clean Up19 AM12 PM
Jan 21/20Clean Up (sidewalks)12 PM5 PM
Jan 26/2012 cm (Inc Jan 25)33 AM6:30 PM
Jan 27/20Clean Up19 AM3 PM
Feb 7/2026 cm (Inc Feb 6)31 AM7 PM
Feb 8/20Clean Up15 AM3 PM
Feb 10/205 cm16 AM5 PM
Feb 11/20Clean Up110 AM12 PM
Feb 13/204 cm12 PM8 PM
Feb 14/20Clean Up110 AM2 PM
Feb 18/204 cm11 PM5:30 PM
Feb 19/20Clean Up18 AM12 PM
Feb 27/2020 cm (Inc Feb 26)33:30 AM8:30 PM
Feb 28/20Clean Up15 AM8 PM
Feb 29/20Clean Up18 AM3 PM
March 6/207112 PM4 PM